TEP 751 (Doctoral Course)

# Topics Purpose of lecture
1 Introduction –    Scope of the lecture-    Energy situation, world wide and in Indonesia
2 Exergy as tool of analysis To review the basic concept of thermodynamics, with emphasis on the first and second law
3 To understand the fundamental concept of exergy and its utilization in the analysis of energy production and utilization
4 Case study of exergy analysis To perform energy and exergy analysis in heat exchanger and energy storage system
5 To perform energy and exergy analysis in refrigeration system
6 To perform energy and exergy analysis in drying system
7 Utilization of renewable energy To evaluate the energy and exergy concept of renewable energy use in agricultural process
8 Project I
9 Agro-based Industrial Energy To evaluate the co-generation and CHP concept and its use in agro-based industry
10 To evaluate the energy utilization and efficiency in agro-based industry. Case study: energy utilization in sugar cane industry
11 LCA as tool of analysis To understand the LCA concept and its standardized procedure (ISO140410)
12 To understand the use of LCA as an environment sustainability tool
13 To understand the incorporation of exergy in life cycle exergy analysis (LCEA)
14 Case study of LCA To overview the LCA study of biodiesel production
15 Project II
16 Evaluation Presentation and discussion of the individual project